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Energy Projects in PR

One of the most important focuses in Puerto Rico is the energy sectors, waste management, and related industries.

Renewable Energy Projects in Puerto Rico

The energy sector in Puerto Rico is both broken and desperate, but at the same time…. provides an exciting opportunity.

Help the island build a new energy infrastructure, and everyone benefits.

Rebuild Puerto Rico work with partners from the UK who have helped launch $500 million dollar energy funds for the Malaysian Government and other projects in South Africa, Denmark, and other in-need regions, and are ready to deploy those same technologies here in Puerto Rico.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and realistically the island needs several energy related technologies to help its path into the future and energy independence.

That’s why we have proven pyrolysis tech for waste management, and other revolutionary methods of turning the abundant trash on the island into energy/gas, and organic fertilizer.


Renewable Energy Sources for a Brighter Future

It’s 2019… we all know the future is in renewable energy. Why is one of the most enterprising islands in the world still relying over 90% on COAL?

Let’s change that! Along with the Puerto Rican Government, we have a goal to help Puerto Rico become completely energy independent by 2050.


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Renewable Energy Tech

Renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar are an important part of Puerto Rico’s future.

Waste Processing

Arguably the BIGGEST imminent problem Puerto Rico is facing is the local dumps are over-capacity and unable to keep up with the island’s production.

This is a huge problem and was even recently reported in an El Nuevo Dia spotlight article weeks after we brought it to the Ferre Rangel family’s attention!

Recycling Programs

By implementing recycling programs, there will be less direct load on the landfills and dump facilities. Recyclable materials can be processed and turned into energy and other products. It’s better to process the trash before it becomes a problem! Otherwise, it gets stored in a big pile of other trash… and it’s a small island!

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