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It may seem like the storms came and went, but the fact is… the damage still remains. Help rebuild the island by joining our cause! #RebuildPR


Help us bring puerto rico into the future

Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise, and it’s one of the few places in the world where a USA citizen can reside and realize huge potential tax savings and unparalleled business incentives.

All of these “imported” and successful individuals talk loudly about helping the island, but do you see them repping a “Rebuild Puerto Rico” sticker? Have they donated?

Donate as little as $5 today and get your “Rebuild Puerto Rico” sticker!

Mission Overview

It’s actually pretty simple. Better infrastructure, more future-proofing.

We want to bring Puerto Rico into the modern technology-driven world. As a global workforce, Puerto Rico is uniquely positioned as a US-based territory to be one of the top remote worker destinations in the World. 


A more reliable Island infrastructure

Immediate GoalS

100+ packages distributed

The “A-Team”

You + Us

How You Can Help

Donate your time, money, resources, labor, or anything else you think will help!

Donate to help REBUILD puerto rico

Don’t have time or hands-on labor to donate? Donate to help fund our mission!

Energy Projects

One of our main goals is to help rebuild the energy infrastructure on the island. That includes the power grid, trash & recycling.

Public Surveys & Reports

How do you suggest Puerto Rico best rebuild? Local Government and all sorts of Partners need feedback!

Educational Programs

We aim to teach many local Puerto Ricans how to start their own online businesses and tap into the global workforce.

Join Our Mission

Help Rebuild Puerto Rico! Donate today!

Note: for Act 22 Tax Incentive Program participants, donations of $5k+ to Rebuild, Inc. qualifies as your annual donation requirement. Our letter from Hacienda for Section 1101.01(a)(2) will be linked here soon.